About Kathleen


Kathie and Marrakesh

Kathleen (Kathie) Cox made a career out of her passion for horses and equestrian sports.  

As a promotional consultant and event director for over four decades Kathie has helped horse owners, trainers and riders put themselves on the map of the $102B equestrian sports industry.

In 1988 she pioneered equestrian entertainment shows in the United States with her promotional concept for the New York Racing Association’s Belmont Stakes.  The Belmont HorseFair! was hailed in the New York Times as the most innovative idea to attract people to the sport of horse racing ever conceived. (read here)

She is a speaker and seminar leader who teaches others how to harness the power of fun to sell horses and put people in seats at horse shows and events.

In 2009 Kathie published a book about her mother, LeOna’s, experiences as a plucky, young Red Cross girl who ran enlisted men’s social clubs in North Africa and Italy from 1943 until 1945.  

The book is Destination Unknown, Adventures of a WWII American Red Cross Girl by LeOna Cox + Kathleen Cox, published on amazon.com.  Featuring LeOna’s original letters, V-mails and photographs, the book has enjoyed amazon’s five-star rating since publication.

destination_unknown_book_coverFINALA natural storyteller, Kathie brings the pages of Destination Unknown to life.  To the delight of audiences comprised of all ages, both sexes and once, a convent of nuns.  

It isn’t everyday one hears the true story of a woman who cut a deal with Pope Pius XII to share electricity reserved for his address to the world so the organ could be played at her wedding.

Kathie, a long-time Northeasterner, presently resides in Kentucky. Her two married children and four grandsons live in Canada and California.