Make It Fun and Here They Come

Make It Fun and Here They Come

Make It Fun + Here They Come!

The most common question expressed by horse owners, and those representing breed associations and disciplines, is, “How do we attract new people?”  The same is often said by horse show and event organizers

Fun sells; wholesome family entertainment sells; animals sell; hospitality sells, and last but hardly least, camaraderie sells.  The horse industry is in every part of the United States and throughout the world.

For those not involved, the horse industry is, for the most part, a well kept secret.  And there are all sorts of people in all sorts of places who would welcome the opportunity to enjoy everything the horse world has to offer.  The trick is to draw people in and share the fun and excitement we know so well.

A great announcer who talks to the audience.  Entertainment, music, people ready to say, “Welcome!”  It’s that simple; really, it is.

Want some great ideas?  Need some help?  Kathie’s the one to call.  Her talks and seminars entitled Make It Fun + Here They Come are thought-provoking with actionable ideas.  


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