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DU-Book-Cover-web-largeImage Downloads

  • Web-friendly Image of Destination Unknown book cover here (225k)
  • Hi-Res Photo of Destination Unknown book cover here (5.2mb)
  • Web-friendly photo of Kathleen Cox here (97k)
  • Hi-Res photo of Kathleen Cox here (1.3mb)

Sample Interview Questions

Kathleen is a professional speaker and former member of National Speakers Association.  She has presented before audiences large and small and has been extensively interviewed by print and broadcast reporters.  Interviewers describe her as an entertaining and comfortable speaker and interview subject.

The following are sample questions that can lead to an interesting discussion.

  • You say that you and your mother, LeOna Kriesel Cox, co-authored your book, Destination Unknown, Adventures of a WWII American Red Cross Girl.  What do you mean?
  • How would you describe your mother?  Was she a woman ahead of her time, an adventure seeker, a rebel?
  • Why is the book called Destination Unknown?  Tell us about where LeOna went, how she got there and why she didn’t know her destination until she arrived?
  • When and how did the Red Cross establish these social clubs?  What was their purpose?
  • LeOna managed two Red Cross clubs, is that correct?  Where were they located?
  • When LeOna was transferred from Algiers to Rome, isn’t there a story about how she got there?  Something about a stolen plane and a tank convoy?
  • Did your mother really “cut a deal” with the Pope?  Tell us about that. 
  • Where can people buy your book?

Printable Flyer to Customize for Your Event

Pictured and downloadable here (10.8mb) – dimensions are 8.5 x 11″ and designed to print well on an office printer. You can customize with your own info as it is designed as a pdf with text inputs for the vital information. Open in Adobe Acrobat, move your cursor to the areas under the areas where it says: “Date” etc, type in your info, save and print.